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Programme d'études médicales
One of the main announced goals in Establishment of FMS project, is the «Improvement of the training programme in order to make the medical degree of FMS in compliance with the international standards». In addition to that, a reform of medical studies is implemented by the supervising Ministries in collaboration with the faculties.
In fact, in few years, in 2023, the medical degree of our faculty won’t be recognised if we wouldn’t establish the necessary reform that respects the international quality standards. It is our duty to act fast and well. We need to review our curriculum to improve the training quality of our faculty. This training has to be in line with all the requirements needed by all international authorities which is accountability towards society. That’s what’s called «The social accountability of faculties of medicine» and that’s the goal of global consensus.
Therefore a steering Committee, assisted by experienced people in the field, were in charge of conceiving and following up on the whole demarche of curriculum review.

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